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David and Moira Gracie    
started Shieling Holidays on Mull 31 years ago.

David had to dry out an old
clinker lifeboat from a Clyde
Puffer before he mended it.
How could he do that on Mull in the winter?

Answer: put a Shieling tent
over it, so wind passing the open ends made a draught.

It all worked beautifully. 
The Shieling Dryer was born, and has been drying   clothes for us and our customers ever since.

David has patent 2321295
and trade marks 2121668 and 70.  The covers are made and posted by the team on Mull.  Here they are  in their Shieling timber frame sailmaker's workshop.

The frames are made on the mainland and either delivered by us or by carrier.

We have 4 stars from Visit Scotland -

Shielings are called after the
summer cottages of Highland       
shepherds, tending their flocks by    
mountain and shore.  A happy time;
long carefree island days.

contact us

David Gracie, Shieling Holidays, 24 Regent Terrace, Edinburgh EH7 5BS

Dryer enquiries      07788 478799    info@ShielingDryer.co.uk                     

Holiday enquiries   01680 812496     www.ShielingHolidays.co.uk