Family Dryer Cover Assembly

1. Best avoid a windy day if you can. Lay the cover along the ridge and roughly centre it lengthways.
5. Then thread the other eyelets: across, through from front to back, up then through from back to front. across, up, across, up and across.
2. Unfold the cover down towards the ground rail on both sides, and check that it is roughly centred sideways and lengthways.
6. Same with the lower lines, from the fifth eyelet to the eighth near the ground.
3. Toggle only the middle of each side until you are sure that all is centred. Then do the rest.
7. Use the white cleats to tension and lock the lines. You should retension them once a month.
4. Each side has 2 lengths of line, and each line does 4 crossings. Thread a line through the fourth eyelet down, on either side, from the back, putting a knot in the end as a stopper.
8. If the wind veers, the detachable shield protects your washing from slanting rain blowing through the Dryer. Toggle it to the lines on each side, top and bottom. You can roll the shield to one side and toggle it when not in use.