The Shieling Family Dryer

Shieling dryer on the coast

You don't want the wind to blow through the Dryer, but to make a through draught as it passes the ends. So pitch it across the prevailing wind in a flattish space of about 3.5 by 3 metres. Full instructions are on the Family Frame and Family Cover pages. Anchor it with the steel pegs as shown. If the wind veers, use the shield to protect your clothes, as in the photo on the right.

Family Dryer users say it is their best investment ever. They wouldn't be without it for the world. Height 2 metres, length 2.7, for King Size sheets. Takes up to 4 doubles, 2 singles, with towels and pillow cases. And not just clothes. Logs, boots, workwear, sportswear, trainers, wellies, swimsuits, tents, sleeping bags, dogs, horse blankets ....... Freshly assembled dryer