Family Dryer Frame Assembly

1. Check your kit against the guarantee page. Lay the wrappers aside in case you want to send the Dryer back (we don't think you will).
5. It may help to put the other two pegs under the corners as skids. Check the ground rail centres are about 2700 and the corners 3820. A small batten under the corners keeps your toggles off the ground.
2. Fit crossovers and elbows to ground rails (2644). Push rails right into elbows and use peg . (500) to tighten. Crossovers finger tight for now.
6. Adjust the crossovers, and hammer in the pegs. Don't hammer them home if you want to try other sites and you expect no wind. But please remember that failure to anchor the Dryer invalidates your guarantee.
3. Fit swivel tees to ridge (2700) minimum angle, both ends in line, screws facing inward. Fit legs (2313) and set the frame across the prevailing wind. You don't want the wind to blow through the Dryer, but to make a through draught as it passes the open ends.
7. Tighten all screws, and retighten them every year.
4. Anchor the ground rail on one side by tapping two pegs (length 500) half way in. Then pull the other ground rail in until the width to ground rail centres is about 2700, using the pair of ropes supplied. Easier with two people.
8. Later, you can dig holes 500 mm deep and anchor the Dryer in concrete. For a clean surface for shoes and fallen clothes, make a path of 4 x 600 x 600 slabs with a membrane under gravel within garden edging to stop weeds.

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