The Shieling Professional Dryer

A serious piece of kit, which can save up to 95% of your drying costs, and impress and please your customers. "Potential for huge reductions in costs and emissions". So says the Energy Technology Centre at the National Engineering Laboratory.

Case study 1 : Shieling Holidays on Mull

Shieling Holidays on Mull has 90 beds, and visitors can hire linen. Apart from a few times at the peak, when they use the tumble dryer due to limited storage, they dry all, say 95%, in their Shieling Dryers. And the wind blows out the creases, cutting roller ironing by a third. Customers love them for laundry, walking gear, boots, wet tents and much else.


The Professional Dryer is 2 metres high, 5 long and 4 wide. The sides are at 45 degrees. It needs a flattish space of 7 by 5 metres, set across the prevailing wind. You bed it in concrete - see installation.

Case study 2: the Holy Isle Project off the Isle of Arran

The Buddhist Interfaith Centre for World Peace and Health have 65 beds and a heavy wash load, especially on the changeovers of their long and short courses. The Shieling Dryer has cut their routine drying costs by 70 to 80%. They still tumble dry for the last 10 minutes for storage, and also tumble dry some full loads at peak times.

Use of the Dryer

There are 10 lines on each side, a total of 100 metres, with 177mm horizontally between the lines, so plenty of air gets Through. Simplicity itself.
The Holy Isle have kindly let us use this photo to show how a little "mindfulness" helps you hang washing to best advantage. Use the detachable shield to deal with slanting rain.