Professional Dryer Installation

Standard Installation

This photo shows the Professional Dryer on the Holy Isle just after installation. It is mounted on 6 no 500 mm posts bedded in concrete. They like the Dryer itself are made of 42.4 mm OD hot dip galvanised steel of 3.2 wall thickness.

After agreeing the position, we square the frame (diagonal 6403), dig the holes, reset the frame on battens, check all square and level, set the posts, tighten the grub screws, and pour the concrete, washing the steel. When the concrete has set, we bind the joints to avoid cover abrasion, then fit the cover and shield.

Standard Installation by Yourselves

We will gladly advise you in installing the Dryer yourselves. You will need half a cubic metre of concrete mix and 4 no 25 kg bags of cement. Quick set helps.

Tools: pick/mattock; shovel; spade; wheelbarrow; cement mixer and mixing board; water; power and extension lead; brush; bucket; measuring tapes; bricks, blocks or battens and a pair of 5 metre ropes for setting the frame. We will supply and advise on binding for the joints.

Installation as at Shieling Holidays

The Dryers on Mull (photo below) include a path of 8 no 600 slabs; a surround of 150 x 50 mm concrete edging; and gravel over a weed proof membrane. Come and see for yourselves.